Période de soumission prolongée jusqu'au 24 mars

La Commission Européenne a décidé de prolonger la période de soumission de demandes de subvention jusqu'au 24 mars 2014.
Ceci concerne toutes les actions de la KA1. En dessous vous trouvez le message original de la Commission en langue anglaise:
Following the difficulties that applicant organisations have been experiencing in particular with the participant portal over the last period and although no technical blocking problems exist anymore at this point in time according to our knowledge, the deadline of 17 March 12:00 midday has been postponed until 24 March 12:00 midday (Brussels time).
 This prolongation concerns the following actions:

  • KA108 - Accreditation of Higher Education Mobility Consortia
  • KA101 – school education staff mobility
  • KA102 – VET learner and staff mobility
  • KA103 - Higher education student and staff mobility
  • KA104 - Adult education staff mobility
  • KA105 - Youth mobility

Submissions in this period will be marked with flag “LATE” in the application forms. However, applicants should not worry: even with this flag, applications submitted until 24 March 12:00 midday (Brussels time) will be considered as formally eligible with regard to timely submission.