EVS insurance under Erasmus+

17/06/2014 Message de MSH International:
The on-line enrolment website for the ERASMUS+: European Voluntary Service (decentralized actions) is now available.
We will put at your disposal a practical guide to on-line enrolment as soon as possible. 
 In the meantime, please find below the relevant links:

  • Visit the website www.msh-intl.com/globa
  • Click on the links “European Commission”, “Erasmus+: European Voluntary Service (decentralized actions)”, and “Access the Erasmus+ insurance documents

The enrolment system is available in French, English and German.
We wish to draw your attention to the fact that it is important to use the link “Erasmus+ European Voluntary Service” (decentralized actions) and not “European Voluntary Service” (which corresponds to enrolments under the programme Youth in Action 2007-2013).
The project password which is valid from 1st June 2014 to 31st  December 2014 for the ERASMUS+ European Voluntary Service is send to all organisations whose projects have been approved.