Transition to working life

The SNJ has developed various measures to help young people transition to working life:

  • Establishment of a network of local youth centers whose mission is to support young people in their transition to active life

  • proposing alternatives to inactivity: voluntary services and practical workshops

  • international mobility programs: voluntary services abroad, working holiday visas, au pair.


Local Antennas for the Young

The Local Antennas for the Young (Antennes locales pour jeunes - ALJ) have the mission to support young people in their transition from school to work. They are spread over 12 sites across the country which allows being close to young people and their realities. The employees are specialized in supporting young people and in implementing programs that allow a return to an activity.

Its action is aimed at young people

  • are still in school, but are about to leave the school without a concrete solution;

  • left the school system without a diploma.

The ALJ offers young people:

  • advice and information on training offers and professional life;

  • individual support for integration into studies or professional life;

  • alternatives to inactivity.


Volunteer services

Volunteer service is an opportunity to learn and get to know practical experience, one which constitutes a full-time commitment for a certain period of time. For certain programs, the activities take place in Luxembourg, for others in Europe and even beyond that. Currently, SNJ offers three types of volunteer service:

·         The Voluntary Cooperation Service (SVC) offers a concrete opportunity to engage abroad in a development cooperation project.

•        The European Voluntary Service (EVS) offers a wide range of projects to young people wishing to volunteer abroad and in different areas and countries.

•        The national voluntary service is an opportunity for young residents to gain practical experience and engage in a public benefit project in Luxembourg while enjoying personalized support


Level up

The SNJ has developed activation projects around the following themes: international mobility, peer coaching and workshops using creativity and manual skills.

These projects, together with the information sessions for young people and parents where the transition to working life is themed, are promoted under the "Level up" label.


Working Holiday Visas

 Luxembourg has work-holiday arrangements with Australia and New Zealand which allows nationals of these countries to spend a year in one of the partner states.

The purpose of these exchange programs is to enable young people and young adults to spend holidays in the partner country and to discover another culture while working or studying.

SNJ promotes programs in Luxembourg.


Au Pair

In Luxembourg, the reception of au pairs is regulated by the law of 18 February 2013 on the reception of au pairs. This law determines the framework in which the temporary stay of a young person between the ages of 18 and 30 who comes from abroad takes place in a family in Luxembourg. The law confers a specific status to the young person and the provisions of the Labor Code do not apply to au pairing.

The main purpose of this au pair stay is cultural exchange: the au pair and the host family benefit from each other.

The SNJ's mission is to manage, control and coordinate the reception of au pairs in Luxembourg.