The National Youth Service is organized into five divisions:


General administration:

Beneath general management, this division is in charge of budget, human resources, accounting, IT and maintenance of the infrastructures.

Support and training to youth work:

The division “Support and training to youth work” is in charge of coordinating the youth leader trainings, prevention programmes (BEE SECURE), organize leisure activities (camps, activities in the field of creativity) and support projects with young people.


Pedagogical centers

The division “pedagogical centers” is in charge of the management and running of the SNJ centers, namely the Hollenfels (Sustainable Development Education), the Lultzhausen (outdoor sports, managed in partnership with the Ministry of Sport) and Marienthal (well-being, media education) centers.

Supporting the transition to working life

The division “supporting the transition to working life” manages the network of the “Local Antennas for the young” which have the mission to support young people in their transition to working life, to organize practical workshops and trainings aimed at developing social and technical skills, to offer discovery internships, to co-ordinate voluntary service programs, to co-ordinate "work-holiday visas" arrangements and to supervise the reception of young au pairs.

Quality development in working with children and youth:

The division “quality development in working with children and youth” has the task to monitor pedagogical quality in the education and childcare services, assistants parental and youth services. It is responsible for supporting continuing education for professionals working with children and young people, publishing educational materials.