As a Government Agency, SNJ evolves in a context defined by youth policy. The objectives of that policy are described in article 1 of the modified Act of 4 July 2008 on Youth              

Our tasks are specified in article 7 of the same Act. Our missions are:

a)      to contribute to the implementation of youth policy;

b)      to organize educational programs for children and youth;

c)       to support young people's transition to working life;

d)      to be a contact and advisory body for those involved in non-formal education and to ensure pedagogical quality in working with children and young people.


Within the framework of this mission, it carries out the following tasks:


a)      organize the rental of material, make available premises, fund educational projects and manage youth leave,

b)      organize and coordinate training for assistant animators, animators and leaders of youth organizations,

c)       manage, control and coordinate the au pair hosting in Luxembourg and promote European and international exchanges between young people and actors of work with children and young people,

d)      manage and animate specialized pedagogical centers which have the mission to develop, implement and disseminate non-formal education concepts and programs,

e)      coordinate voluntary service programs and develop projects that promote the participation of children and young people in economic, social and cultural life,

f)       support continuing training for professionals working with children or young people and publish educational materials for working with children and young people,

g)      monitor pedagogical quality in education and childcare services, parental assistants and in the services for young people,

h)      contribute to the implementation of national, European or international programs in favor of children and young people,

i)        contribute to the implementation of municipal or inter-municipal action plans for young people,

j)        set up a network of local antennas which have the task to support young people in their transition to active life by offering information, advice and individual support,

k)      organize practical workshops, training courses for the development of social and technical skills, discovery internships in private companies, associations or public services for the purpose of preparing them for work. The discovery internships, which have an information and orientation nature, cannot exceed the duration of four weeks in the same company,

l)        offer extra-curricular activities aimed at maintaining schooling, organize exchanges with high schools concerning pupils at risk of dropping out and ensure follow-up of school drop-outs.